Financial Incentives and Assistance

Apprenticeships and traineeships incentives

The Australian, and State and Territory Governments provides incentives to employers of apprentices and trainees.Your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre can help you determine which incentives are relevant to your business and whether you are eligible.
Assistance available for employers of Australian Apprentices

Group Training Program

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ apprentices and trainees and then place them with a host employer for as long as they are needed. GTOs are active in almost every industry and manage and monitor apprenticeships or traineeships.

Group Training Organisations carefully select the right apprentice or trainee,
handle the paperwork and payroll, provide ongoing support and provide flexibility to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations.
Group Training Program

Funding for apprentices and trainees with a disability

Disabled Apprentice/Trainee Wage Support and Assistance for Tutorial, Interpreter and Mentor Services
P: 13 38 73

DSP Employment Incentive Pilot
The two-year pilot, which began on 1 March 2010, offers financial assistance through the payment of wage subsidies of up to $3,000 to employers who provide jobs to people receiving the Disability Support Pension of at least eight hours per week for 26 weeks. More >>

Funding the employment of mature aged workers

Mature age workers bring a wealth of experience to your business. There are a range of finacial incentives, tools and resources to help you attract and retain these skilled and experienced workers.
Experience+employment opportunity growth
P: 13 17 64

Grants and Assistance

The Australian Government and its agencies offer business grant funding and other assistance to help small business owners and entrepreneurs start a business, expand a business and invest in training, research and development, innovation, exporting and more. Finding business - related government grants and assistance has never been easier.
Grants and Assistance Finder