Electro-communications and Energy Utilities

UEE07: Electrotechnology Training Package Version 3.1
Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
Air-conditioning Energy Management and Control
Air-conditioning Split Systems
Antennae Equipment
Appliance Servicing
Appliance Servicing - Refrigerants
Automated Systems Maintenance Engineering
Business Equipment
Business Equipment Servicing
Computer Assembly and Repair
Computer Systems
Computer Systems - Technology
Computer Systems Engineering
Computer Systems Equipment
Custom Electronics Assembly and Setup
Custom Electronics Installations
Data and Voice Communications
Electrical - Air-Conditioning Systems
Electrical - Data and Voice Communications
Electrical - Fire Protection Control Systems
Electrical - Instrumentation
Electrical - Lift Systems
Electrical - Photovoltaic Systems
Electrical - Rail Signalling
Electrical - Renewable Energy
Electrical - Technology
Electrical and Instrumentation
Electrical and Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Installation Inspection and Audits
Electrical Machine Repair
Electrical Wholesaling
Electronic - Technology
Electronic Assembly
Electronics and Communications
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Electrotechnology - Electrical Contracting
Electrotechnology - Systems Electrician
Electrotechnology (Career Start)
Electrotechnology Electrician
Engineering - Explosion protection
Engineering - Explosion protection - Industrial control
Engineering Technology - Computer Systems
Engineering Technology - Electrical
Engineering Technology - Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy

Explosion-protected equipment overhaul
Fire Alarms Servicing
Fire Protection Control
Gaming Electronics
Gaming Machines Servicing
Hazardous Areas
Hazardous areas - Electrical
Hazardous areas - Electrician
Hazardous areas - Industrial control
Hazardous areas - Instrumentation
Industrial Electronics and Control
Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering
Instrumentation and Control
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Management and Control
Rail - Communications and Networks
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning - Technology
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Servicing
Remote Area Essential Service
Remote Area Power Supply Maintenance
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy - Technology
Renewable Energy ELV
Renewable Energy Engineering
Research and Development
Security Assembly and Setup
Security Equipment
Sustainable Energy (Career Start)
Switchgear and Control Gear
Technical Support
Video and Audio Systems
Winding and Assembly

UEG06: Gas Industry Training Package Version 1.1
Gas Industry Operations
Gas Industry Transmission Pipeline
Utilities Industry Operations

UEP06: Electricity Supply Industry - Generation Sector Training Package Version 1.1
ESI Generation (Operations Support)
ESI Generation (Operations)
ESI Generation (Systems Operations)
ESI Generation Maintenance (Electrical/Electronic)
ESI Generation Maintenance (Fabrication)
ESI Generation Maintenance (Mechanical)
Generation (Operations)
Generation Maintenance (Electrical/Electronic)
Generation Maintenance (Fabrication)
Generation Maintenance (Mechanical)

UET09: Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package Version 2.1
ESI - Cable Jointing
ESI - Distribution
ESI - Network Infrastructure
ESI - Power Systems
ESI - Rail Traction
ESI - Substation
ESI - Transmission
ESI - Transmission Line Assembly
ESI - Vegetation Control