Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs)

In 2003, the Minister for Education implemented Industry Advisory Arrangements for Tasmania as follows:

  • Establishment of the Industry Advisory Group (TIAG)
  • Employment of three specialist Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs) in Skills Tasmania
  • Purchasing Industry Advice

TIAG was created to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures. That having been achieved, the group was abolished by the Minister in July 2006. This role has been subsumed by the Skills Tasmania Board.

The main function of the ILOs is to gather and convert industry intelligence into useable information for:

  • Training demand analyses by industry or region
  • A feedback form invites comment on training demand and Regional profiles.
  • Training Package review and implementation
  • VET in Schools, and
  • Advice to various stakeholders

A principal ILO activity is consultation with industry representatives, groups and individuals. This includes: industry peak bodies & councils; employee & regional bodies; business; RTOs (private, Tasmanian Polytechnic and Tasmanian Skills Institute); and other key people.