Skills Centres

Skills and Training Information Centres (STICs)

As part of its policy paper, Skilling Australia for the Future, the Labour Government announced an expanded role for existing Australian Apprenticeships Centres to establish a network of Skills and Training Information Centres (STICs). STICs provide information on skills and training and advice to employers, employees, job-seekers and other interested parties, and refer employers to Industry Skills Councils. STICs services commenced from 1 April 2008. For more information contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre (AAC). More >>

Trade Training Centres in Schools Program

The Trade Training Centres in Schools Program is an important element of the Australian Government’s Education Revolution. It will provide $2.5 billion over 10 years to enable all secondary students to access vocational education through Trade Training Centres.

Career Information Centres

Career Information Centres are managed by Centrelink and provide a free career information and guidance service to students, the unemployed or people who want to change jobs. Specialist staff can help people make informed decisions about education, training and employment options and pathways. There are 12 centres located in capital cities and some regional centres. Find a Career Information Centre >>

Skills Centre Program

State Skills Advisory Centres

These centres can help you at any point in your life to make choices about your career and training options.
WA: Workforce Development Centres