Accredited Courses

Accredited courses address skill requirements for industry, enterprises and the community where these are not covered in nationally endorsed Training Packages. They also have the capacity to address changes in skill needs, and the needs of emerging and converging industries and industry sectors, in a responsive manner. A collaborative approach between national bodies concerned with the development and endorsement of national training packages and course accrediting bodies provides an effective and timely response to the changing needs of industry.

Accreditation means the formal recognition of a course by a course accrediting body in accordance with the AQTF 2007. A course may be accredited only if the accrediting body is satisfied that there is a need for the course, it does not duplicate training package qualifications, the name and level of the qualification are consistent with the AQF and it has been developed in accordance with the AQTF standards.

AQTF Standards for Accredited Courses
AQTF Users' Guide Standards for Accredited Course
AQTF Standards for State and Territory Course Accrediting Bodies

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