Expert Panel to advise on apprenticeship reforms

23 January 2011

An Expert Panel has been appointed, led by Mr Jim McDowell, to advise on the steps needed to sustain and grow a stronger Australian Apprenticeships system and will report to the Government early in 2011.

The panel will examine apprenticeship training arrangements, including current incentives, and suggest principles and evidence to improve outcomes for both apprentices and industry. The work of the panel will be underpinned by a study on related economic costs and benefits, including research undertaken by the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research.

The Panel was referenced in the 2010 Budget as part of the $661 million Skills for Sustainable Growth Package. Through the Skills for Sustainable Growth measures the Government will invest $661 million over the next four years to enable Australia to respond quickly and effectively to skills shortages.

Panel Members:

  • Jim McDowell
  • Dr John Buchanan
  • Royce Fairbrother
  • Dave Oliver
  • Marie Persson
  • Tim Shipstone
  • Simone Wetzlar