Assessment Definitions

Assessment: The process of collecting evidence and making judgements on whether competency has been achieved, in order to confirm that an individual can perform to the standard expected in the workplace, as expressed by the relevant endorsed industry/enterprise competency standards of a Training Package or by the learning outcomes of an accredited course.

Assessment requirements: An endorsed component of a Training Package, assessment requirements set out the industry’s approach to valid, reliable, flexible and fair assessment.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

National Quality Council (NQC) Publications - Assessment

The documents below provide excellent guidance material for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) when developing their Assessment Strategies and Assessment Tools in compliance with the relevant AQTF Standards.

  • Assessment Fact Sheets - Guide
  • WORD template for assessment fact sheets
  • Research Report - Validation and Moderation
  • Assessor Guide - Validation and Moderation
  • Quality of Assessment Practice
  • Enhancing comparability of standards through validation and moderation
  • Capability Development of Trainers and Assessors in the VET Sector
  • Validation and Moderation - Implementation Guide
  • Validation and Moderation - Guide for developing assessment tools
  • Validation and Moderation - Code of Professional Practice
  • Alternative Frameworks for the recognition of Workplace Training
  • Quality of Assessment Practices - Stage 2 Report.pdf
  • National Mapping of Assessment Materials
  • Quality of Assessment Practices - Stage 1 Report - Part A
  • Industry Expectations of VET Assessment
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Skills Recognition

Skills recognition means that the skills you already have through informal or non-formal learning may count towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Check these Recognition websites:

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  • Training Providers (RTOs)
  • Assessment