Redlaunch Media Release

04 December 2005


Announcing Web Services Channel Integration (SCI), the new Redlaunch portal model

Web Services Channel Integration (SCI): The Convergence Model for Multiple Communities

Redlaunch is constantly innovating to make it simple for work, learning and social communities to do a great job with technical ease, in an increasingly sophisticated web-connected world. Today we are pleased to release SCI.

Technical Systems Director, Adrian Oldham explained

"Services Channel Integration (SCI) is the single sign-on portal integration of web services within the website layer in contrast to traditional interfacing of computer applications within the technical infrastructure layer."

The SCI portal model delivers superior results to users requiring ongoing strategic growth in web services, particularly new-to-market hosted products/ repositories, that empower their organisation and people performance.

Check the SCI benefits!

Traditional Computing Model
SCI Web Model
1. applications loaded and interfaced within the technical infrastructure layer 1. web services accessed and integrated through website layer
2. mono-directional, information-based web workflow 2. bi-directional, transactional web services workflow
3. expensive and choice restrictive; complex local technical interfacing required when new applications introduced with associated development and maintenance time 3. cost-effective and flexible; chosen web services added and removed on a needs basis and delivered through a single sign-on web portal
4. user up-skilling requirements significant across diverse applications/platforms 4. intuitive, easy-to-learn web schema
5. plethora of underpinning technical requirements 5. international standards compliance
6. access and equity governed by technical infrastructure 6. multi-lingual web accessibility for people with disabilities; low bandwidth, older technologies, low literacy, not fluent in English
7. IT legal/ policy issues addressed locally 7. easy reference to relevant laws, regulations, policies etc for utilisation by user community

As quality and security are key fiduciary roles of management, a client's Quality System, including the Risk Management Framework, may also be embedded within the web SCI layer for easy access, reference and control.

Director, Regina Dunlea believes

"SCI will revolutionise the way business, learning and social communities (such as company departments; education bodies and geographically remote groups) work, interact and collaborate online."

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Director, Learning Systems
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M: 0411 737 184

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