Case Study - FoodHub Wiki

Issue: The NSW Food Industry Training Council (NSWFITC) was concerned about the lack of resources available to support workforce development in the Food Industry, which is vital to Australia in terms of profitability, investment, exports and jobs growth.

Solution: Redlaunch designed FoodHub as a collaborative, free repository of high quality industry-specific information and learning resources. The wiki vision is that collective wisdom will enable FoodHub to become a valuable tool for all workplace supervisors and vocational trainers and assessors across the food industry.

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eLearning Solutions

Flexible eLearning for companies, universities, RTOs, schools

Keen to implement interactive, online education and training but don't know where to start? Perhaps you wish to change from your existing eLearning system but fear... student chaos, lack of technical expertise, a cost blow-out.

Call our friendly Redlaunch team. We offer a complete eLearning service::

  • Technology needs assessment
  • Task analysis and information architecture
  • Learning Management System (LMS) consulting, design, provisioning, integration
  • AICC/SCORM/LOM/W3C standards compliant programming
  • Instructional design - resource development
  • Learning Object design
  • Systems and learning object interoperability
  • Podcasting, blogs, webinars
  • Multimedia production
  • Animations
  • Product and learning simulations
  • Games-based assessment
  • Synchronous learning events (real-time voice, web cam)
  • Digital audio and video production and streaming
  • Evaluation
  • Technical support

WebLearning, our world-class virtual learning environment

Learning innovation. Quality education.

To empower your educators and engage your elearners, Redlaunch has rocketed our trail-blazing WebLearning into your universe.

WebLearning is our cool virtual learning environment (VLE) for students and sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) for educators.

A powerful eLearning environment, WebLearning allows your company, tertiary institute, school or professional body to engage in meaningful online flexible delivery of courses and assessments to on-site or distance learners, while meeting their specific needs and learning styles.

WebLearning allows rapid resource/assessment development and virtual distribution to classes or individuals, teacher/learner interactions and the integration of complementary services to support your achievement of successful educational outcomes. Learn more about WebLearning here >>

Custom solutions

Our team of instructional designers, LMS engineers, coders and graphic artists create stunning, user-friendly education and training applications that will advance your objectives and save you valuable time and $. No job too small or complex! Ask us today >>

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WebLearning is our powerful, advanced eLearning environment for companies, tertiary institutes, schools and professional bodies... your secure, reliable, scaleable, easy-to-use 21st Century solution to the chalk and board.

eLearning Solutions.

Vodcast Studio


Redlaunch is blazing the trail in education by producing and hosting audio and video podcasts (vodcasts) at our Redlaunch Distribution Centre for viewing on computer, video mp3 player, 3G mobile phone or DVD player.

Object Repository


Your Redlaunch repository will support the timed storage, searching, retrieval, import/export transactions, event logging, auditing, reporting and archiving of any business/learning object or digital resource.

Object Repository.