Case Study - FoodHub Wiki

Issue: The NSW Food Industry Training Council (NSWFITC) was concerned about the lack of resources available to support workforce development in the Food Industry, which is vital to Australia in terms of profitability, investment, exports and jobs growth.

Solution: Redlaunch designed FoodHub as a collaborative, free repository of high quality industry-specific information and learning resources. The wiki vision is that collective wisdom will enable FoodHub to become a valuable tool for all workplace supervisors and vocational trainers and assessors across the food industry.

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Our quality standard

Redlaunch Quality Assurance Policy

Redlaunch is committed to quality systems, processes, products and service. We work to the following eight quality management principles aligned to ISO 9004:2000 Quality Management System Guidelines for Performance Improvement::

1) Customer focus

  • Redlaunch will research and understand the client’s needs and expectations
  • Project objectives will reflect the client’s needs and expectations
  • A Project Communication Plan will ensure that the client and the Redlaunch team maintain clear verbal and written communication to avoid any misunderstanding
  • Measurement of client satisfaction and output evaluation are important project steps
  • Redlaunch will document the business and technical plans clearly for the client's sign-off

2) Leadership

  • The Redlaunch team will work with the client’s management to deliver a world-class, innovative solution
  • Redlaunch will commit a highly skilled team and provide the resources, training and freedom to act with responsibility
  • Project milestones will ensure that goals are meet in a systematic and timely manner

3) Involvement of people

  • Redlaunch values the contribution from our client, including nominated third party stakeholders
  • Redlaunch expects open, fair, ethical, accountable performance from all team members
  • The Redlaunch Project Manager accepts responsibility for solving problems that may arise during a project and will promote open discussion of issues and team resolution as appropriate

4) Process approach

  • The Redlaunch team will systematically analyse and define all activities necessary to achieve project milestones
  • The Project Plan will establish clear responsibility and accountability for managing key activities within each milestone
  • The team will keep focussed on resources, methodology and equipment to improve the project outcomes wherever possible
  • Redlaunch will evaluate and control risks and the impacts of project activities on the client and other relevant parties
  • Redlaunch will identify, understand and manage inter-related project processes as a system to ensure maximum efficiency, benefit and cost-effectiveness to the client

5) System approach to management

  • Software development will follow the confirmed Technical Specifications
  • The Redlaunch team will work in a systematic way according to agreed plans (examples, Communication, Reporting, Risk Management, Standards Compliance)
  • The interdependencies of the project software and hardware systems will be structured in the most effective and efficient way
  • The project outputs will be subject to measurement, evaluation and continual improvement in order to achieve the highest quality outcome

6) Continual improvement

  • Redlaunch employs a consistent approach to continual improvement of products, processes and systems
  • Each milestone of a client’s system development will have goals to guide, and measures to track continual improvement

7) Factual approach to decision-making

  • Redlaunch will ensure that project data and information are accurate and reliable
  • Redlaunch will make data easily accessible to project personnel and stakeholders through the agreed strategy
  • Project data and information will be analysed using valid methods
  • The Redlaunch team will make decisions and take actions based on factual analysis, balanced with experience and intuition

8) Mutually beneficial supplier relationship

  • Redlaunch is committed to flexibility and speed of response to changing markets and client needs and expectations
  • Redlaunch seeks to optimise the quality of client outcomes by establishing joint development and improvement processes
  • Redlaunch will balance the client’s long-term considerations in the development process (ie, future proofing as required)



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Vodcast Studio


Redlaunch is blazing the trail in education by producing and hosting audio and video podcasts (vodcasts) at our Redlaunch Distribution Centre for viewing on computer, video mp3 player, 3G mobile phone or DVD player.

Object Repository


Your Redlaunch repository will support the timed storage, searching, retrieval, import/export transactions, event logging, auditing, reporting and archiving of any business/learning object or digital resource.

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