National Skills Standards Council (NSSC)

Established on 1 July 2011, the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) is a committee of the Standing Council for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE), the successor of the Ministerial Council for Tertiary Education and Employment (MCTEE) to undertake many of the functions carried out by the National Quality Council (NQC) which was dissolved by MCTEE in late June 2011. The policies/determinations of the NQC remain current until such time they are amended/changed by the NSSC and may be viewed at

NSSC's key functions are to:

  1. develop and maintain national standards for regulation of vocational education and training (VET) for approval by SCOTESE and provide advice to SCOTESE on development and implementation of the standards

  2. provide information, through SCOTESE, to the VET regulators on the implementation and interpretation of the national standards and on issues of quality standards generally in the VET sector

  3. provide information to the VET sector on the national standards and any changes to the standards

  4. provide advice to SCOTESE on the operation of the VET regulators

  5. endorse Training Packages

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