Case Study - FoodHub Wiki

Issue: The NSW Food Industry Training Council (NSWFITC) was concerned about the lack of resources available to support workforce development in the Food Industry, which is vital to Australia in terms of profitability, investment, exports and jobs growth.

Solution: Redlaunch designed FoodHub as a collaborative, free repository of high quality industry-specific information and learning resources. The wiki vision is that collective wisdom will enable FoodHub to become a valuable tool for all workplace supervisors and vocational trainers and assessors across the food industry.

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AAF federated access management animation - Sept 07

New Animation

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) project has developed an animation to serve as an introduction to the concept of federated access management use within the Australian Access Federation.

The animation runtime is 5 min 43 sec. If you would like to view the animation in a different format or a larger (better quality) version, please contact the AAF Project Manager on

This animation is based on the JISC introduction to federated access management animation.

Institutions are welcome to re-use the animation, providing appropriate attribution is given to AAF project and is not used for commercial purposes.

Introduction to AAF federated access management. (Windows Media File, 15Mb)

AAF animation script. (PDF, 28Kb)

About AAF

The Australian Access Federation (AAF), with its policy framework and infrastructure, will facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between higher education and research institutions both locally and internationally as well as with other organizations.

The project builds on the existing DEST funded work in the first phase of the e-Security Framework project (based at the University of Queensland) and the MAMS (Meta Access Management System project, based at Macquarie University).

This Project involves three linked components:

  • Part 1: The development of overarching governance and policies for the whole Trust Federation (these are independent of delivery technologies)

  • Part 2: The development of specific policies, technical implementation and rollout of PKI for a Trust Federation; and

  • Part 3: The development of specific policies, technical implementation and rollout of Shibboleth for a Trust Federation.




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