Case Study - FoodHub Wiki

Issue: The NSW Food Industry Training Council (NSWFITC) was concerned about the lack of resources available to support workforce development in the Food Industry, which is vital to Australia in terms of profitability, investment, exports and jobs growth.

Solution: Redlaunch designed FoodHub as a collaborative, free repository of high quality industry-specific information and learning resources. The wiki vision is that collective wisdom will enable FoodHub to become a valuable tool for all workplace supervisors and vocational trainers and assessors across the food industry.

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Our Content Management System (CMS)

The Redlaunch Content Management System (CMS) is high powered, trusted and secure, easy to use and real value for money. Features include::

Content Creation

  • Easily move/delete articles and sections
  • Place images in articles via a simple form upload
  • Set release/expiry dates for article and sections
  • Expired articles automatically become archived
  • Authoring process is consistent across the site with pages generated from HTML templates designed for each client
  • Upload images to the gallery

Content Management

  • Simple article/section listing order manipulation
  • Generate sections and articles dynamically
  • Menus and page indexes generated dynamically
  • Dynamic sitemap generation

User Management

  • Create and modify site user accounts
  • Allow/deny access to members-only site content like forums, blogs, files
  • Create and modify privileges for other site administrators


  • Give logins with specific administration permissions to admin user/groups


  • Online Store and shopping cart facility
  • Online Store supports purchasable file downloads


  • Email newsletter creation, delivery and archiving
  • User accounts for order tracking and newsletter subscriptions

Site Search

  • Built-in search engine

Other Features

  • Printer friendly versions of article pages
  • Automatic RSS news feed generation
  • Dynamic WAP compatible page generation
  • W3C standards compliance
  • Automatic metadata indexing
  • Comprehensive site visitor statistical analysis



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Vodcast Studio


Redlaunch is blazing the trail in education by producing and hosting audio and video podcasts (vodcasts) at our Redlaunch Distribution Centre for viewing on computer, video mp3 player, 3G mobile phone or DVD player.

Object Repository


Your Redlaunch repository will support the timed storage, searching, retrieval, import/export transactions, event logging, auditing, reporting and archiving of any business/learning object or digital resource.

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