AUM08: Automotive Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Development (Passenger Motor Vehicle)
Automotive Manufacturing - Manufacturing Specialist (Passenger Motor Vehicle)
Automotive Manufacturing (Bus/Truck/Trailer)
Automotive Manufacturing (Passenger Motor Vehicle)

LMF02: Furnishing Training Package
Floor Covering and Furnishing
Furnishing Technology
Furniture Making
Furniture Making (Cabinet Making)
Furniture Making (Wood Machining)
Furniture Finishing
Furniture Design and Technology
Cabinet Making
Glass and Glazing
Mattress and Base Making
Picture Framing
Soft Furnishing
Production Upholstery
Flooring Technology
Blinds and Awnings
Security Screens and Grills
Stained Glass and Lead Lighting
Musical Instrument Making and Repair
Piano Technology
Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration (Retail Services)
Interior Design and Decoration
Kitchens and Bathrooms (Client Services)
Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces

LMT07: Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package
Textiles Clothing and Footwear
Textile Production
Textile Production (Complex or Multiple Processes)
Cotton Ginning
Textile Fabrication
Clothing Production
Clothing Production (Complex or Multiple Processes)
Footwear Production
Footwear Production (Complex or Multiple Processes)
Custom made Footwear
Supply and Fitting of Pre-Manufactured Medical Grade Footwear
Footwear Repair
Leather Production
Laundry Operations
Dry Cleaning Operations
Technical Textiles and Non-wovens
Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Textile Design and Development
Fashion and Textiles Merchandising
Engineering - TCF Mechanic

MEA07: Aeroskills Training Package
Aircraft Line Maintenance
Aircraft Surface Finishing
Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing
Aeroskills (Avionics)
Aeroskills (Mechanical)
Aeroskills (Structures)
Aeroskills (Armament)
Aviation Maintenance Management (Avionics)
Aviation Maintenance Management (Mechanical)

MEM05: Metal and Engineering Training Package
Engineering - Production Technology
Engineering - Production Systems
Engineering - Mechanical Trade
Engineering - Fabrication Trade
Engineering - Electrical/Electronic Trade
Engineering - Technical
Jewellery Manufacture
Marine Craft Construction
Boating Services

MSA07: Manufacturing Training Package
Process Manufacturing
Manufacturing Technology
Competitive Manufacturing
Surface Preparation and Coating Application

MSL09: Laboratory Operations Training Package
Sampling and Measurement
Laboratory Skills
Laboratory Techniques
Laboratory Technology

PMA08: Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining
Process Plant Operations

PMB07: Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking Training Package
Polymer Processing
Polymer Technology

PMC10: Manufactured Mineral Products
Manufactured Mineral Products
Refractories Engineering


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